Introducing Banco Milia, how can the service help you travel more while paying less?

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Banco Milia is a unique and much-needed platform helping travelers and travel companies such as airlines and hotels to make the most out of the existing reward programs and reward travel.

Using airline miles when planning your next getaway can be difficult or even book that hotel room, realizing you have not enough miles or points to make the desired booking. It’s estimated that 39 billion miles and points expire each year according to HuffPost.

Banco Milia wants to simplify, legitimize and streamline the process of rewards travel with offering an all-in-one-platform that can track all your reward programs in one page, give you an easy to understand reward wallet net-worth of your existing miles and points, while also being able to facilitate the selling, buying and trading of airline miles and hotel points.

Banco Milia can take you to Maldives and Per Aquum’s Niyama resort as seen on the image above.
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Our Trade widget is based on the daily supply and demand, and it follows the current market trends as per the prevailing law of supply and demand equilibrium. Banco Milia intends to be a Fiat currency for rewards travel with the focus on Airline and Hotel rewards in the form of miles and points. The Fiat is in USD and based on the prevailing supply and demand across only the Banco Milia platform.

As a traveler, you can subsequently after signing up see your personalized dashboard to establish your travel reward programs status and chose to buy, sell and trade airline miles and hotel points. You can easily trade between the 3 airline alliances and various hotel groups. You can even trade airline miles for hotel points and vice versa. Independent airlines and hotels will also be part of the Banco Milia platform enabling a wide variety of options, destinations and hotels, and resorts.

One & Only Royal Mirage Dubai as seen here is an easy flight from anywhere in the world. Image credit:

The program will include most major luxury hotel groups that offer a reward program in addition to the largest hotel groups in the world.

The 15 largest hotel groups based on properties as seen in above picture. Image credit:

The platform uses a tokenization system for sensitive data such as account information to rewards programs when signing up as well as adding new ones.

Miles Fiat uses Stripe and Paypal to accommodate payments to and from the platform whether you’re buying, selling or trading miles/points.

Who will benefit from the Banco Milia platform? Anyone who travels will benefit from the platform regardless if you travel for business or leisure. You can make money on unused miles or points, buy miles or points to get you to your desired destination or simply trade unwanted miles or hotel points for something else you wish to use.

This service is revolutionary and one of a kind. Please enjoy our service and sign up today:

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