How does it work

Banco Milia is easy to use, below are 4 steps of how you can leverage the platform with link-outs to signup,

trade widget, and rate overview. Remember you need to signup and build your dashboard before you can start to buy, sell and trade.

Enjoy the service.

Banco Milia Team
How it works
1. Sign up and create your dashboard
Consolidate all your travel programs into one page in our secure and encrypted system. To easy get an overview of your current status and travel wallet dollar value.
2. Choose to buy, sell or trade
Check out the latest rates for airline miles and hotel points based on our daily supply and demand platform.
3. Pay/get paid securely
Using our trade function you can buy, sell and trade miles and or hotel points. The process takes 5 minutes to complete. We use Stripe and Paypal to handle secure payments.
4. Enjoy your next flight or Hotel stay
It will take 24-48 hours to get your miles or points credited to you account or money transferred for sales transactions. Once the points have been credited, book and enjoy your next holiday.